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Executive Coaching & Business Coaches

Not sure how best to deal with certain challenges?  Not clear on the best going forward strategy?  Need someone to help groom your mid-level managers?  Well, you are in the right place.  Red Rocket's executive coaches and business coaches are veteran business leaders with a proven track record of success, ready to take your team to new heights. 

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching services are designed to be your on-call business mentor for any business questions, challenges or crises you are dealing with throughout the course of the year.   Our executive coaches also help facilitate business planning processes between executive team members, helping you gain consensus around your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to set clear goals and objectives during your strategic planning process.

Business Coaches​

Red Rocket's business coaches help mentor and groom your mid-level and senior managers.  We help your team identify their personal strengths and weaknesses, and tutor them into becoming great leaders of their own.  We help them see the forest through the trees, build personal and professional KPIs to manage their progress and teach them how best to manage their junior-level teams.   

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