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Shared, Part-Time & Interim Executives

Just lost an executive and need an immediate replacement in the interim?  Need a longer term executive, but only on a shared or part-time basis?  Then, you are in the right place.  Red Rocket has a deep stable of CEO's and CMO's who are proven veterans at leading and growing businesses.  We have experts in both the B2C and B2B space you can virtually plug into your business.

Full-Time Interim Executives​

Leverage our network of proven executives to fill any of your CEO or CMO needs.  Our "on call" interim executives are ready to jump into any immediate roles you need filled.  Our executives are experts in strategy, business planning, sales, marketing, corporate development, finance and other skillsets needed to successfully manage and grow your business, including turnaround situations.  Our team has hands-on experience running lower-to-middle market size companies (e.g., under $100MM in revenues), and has advised companies as large as the Fortune 500.  We are particularly deep in the digital technology, consumer and business services space, but are quick studies on other industries, as well.

Shared & Part-Time Executives​

Our shared executives (e.g., CEOs, CMOs) are designed for companies on a tight budget who desire part-time costs, but long-term expertise and involvement of a proven executive that can help direct and manage the company on a part-time basis. You decide how many days a week you want the executive involved, and we price it accordingly.  For example, one day a week starts at $5,000 per month and three days a week starts at $15,000 per month (depending on the role and other incentives that may be offered). This model works best for companies with light workloads in those areas, or needing a person to cost-effectively manage and mentor the junior-level execution team members on staff.

Our executives are located across the country, but depending on your needs and our availability, the work may either be completed on-site at your location, or virtually from our team's home offices via web video (with travel as needed to the office).

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