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Client Testimonials

David Rabjohns, Founder & CEO of MotiveQuest​

"George's passion, ideas and involvement with MotiveQuest has been "game changing" for us. From jumpstarting our sales and marketing plans and team, to productizing our business and procedures, Red Rocket has had an immediate and meaningful impact from day one. I highly recommend Red Rocket.  If you want to grow, strap on the Red Rocket."

Emerson Spartz, Founder & CEO of Dose

"Red Rocket did a great job helping us sharpen our financial model for investors.  This helped us attract investors, who ultimately funded our $8MM round."

Tyler Spalding, Founder & CEO of StyleSeek

"Red Rocket has been a great investor for our business and vocal champion of our brand. As a proven entrepreneur himself, George has provided valuable insights and recommendations on how to best build my business. Red Rocket would be a great partner in helping build your business."

Seth Rosenberg, SVP​ of Camping World

"Red Rocket helped us do a high level assessment of our e-commerce efforts and assisted with the development of a digital strategy and marketing plan.  Red Rocket identified some immediate opportunities, which we are implementing.  I am pleased to recommend Red Rocket for your e-commerce and digital marketing needs."

Andrew Hoog, Founder & CEO of Now Secure

"As we experienced significant growth, we recognized the need for an experienced advisor with start-up chops who could help us refine critical steps in our transition from a service company to a product-based company. Red Rocket's expertise in growth planning including organizational structure, financial modeling and competitive analysis were instrumental in refining our strategy. He helped facilitate key decisions the management team needed to make in order to take the company to the next level. We are very pleased with Red Rocket's contributions to our business and highly recommend his services to other start-ups facing similar growth."

Jerry Freeman, Founder & CEO of PaletteApp​

"Red Rocket has been a key instigator in helping raise funds for PaletteApp. They have helped me tremendously in realizing what an investor wants to see and how best to present it. George has great experience and understanding of how to fund and launch a new company. We feel fortunate that he has thrown his hat into our arena."

Scott Skinger, CEO of Train Signal

"Red Rocket helped us in a variety of ways, from financial modeling to introductions to lenders.  Their biggest win was helping us do preliminary investigative research on one of our competitors, that ultimately sparked a dialog that lead to the $23.6MM sale of our business to that company.  We couldn't be more happy with Red Rocket's involvement with our business.  Overall, a great advisor to have in your corner."

Quinn Hu, Founder & CEO of Distractify​

"As a first time founder, I needed an experienced mentor to make sure I was heading in the right direction. Red Rocket provided exactly that, across a wide range of projects, including business planning, financial modeling, competitive research, M&A advisory, media sales strategies, keyword research, recruiting planning and finding us our corporate counsel. Most importantly, George was a role model for how to be a professional, leader, and thinker. As I picked up on the way he breaks down complex problems into simple, logical components, I began solving similarly hard problems on my own. I highly recommend Red Rocket for any high level business needs."

Tom Guido, Partner of JVA Partners

"Red Rocket was a quick study on our Internet of Things business and helped us to synthesize our marketing messaging and strategy. He produced high quality work in a very short period of time, for both our portfolio company and our private investment firm. More importantly, Red Rocket was open and gracious enough to introduce us to a great network of key executives and investors, and other talent in the Chicago area. I highly recommend him for your strategy or marketing needs and you will find him a pleasure to work with."

Jay Sebben, CEO of L Street Collaborative​

"Red Rocket is a great resource for any entrepreneur looking for a fresh look or some much needed support from someone who has been there. He has an amazingly high motor, positive energy and deep knowledge that can have an immediate impact on whatever obstacles you are looking to overcome. Red Rocket helped me get through a mental block on a critical piece of our vision with L Street that has proven to be very valuable as we move forward."

Chad Shuford, CEO of Collbox​

"CollBox needed assistance with some foundational aspects of our business plan and financial model, and Red Rocket did a great job.  He quickly learned our industry and gave us the template for our investor deck and financial model that were helpful getting us started. I recommend working with Red Rocket, as they are a top notch business advisor--on time and under budget."

Lauren Reeves, COO of Meeting Tomorrow

"Red Rocket helped us in creating our long term business strategy – that included industry research, competitor research, financial modeling and budgeting and much more. George is smart, decisive and easy to work with. He’s able to accomplish a ton of work in a short period of time to help us move the business forward. I highly recommend Red Rocket for your business planning and growth-oriented needs."

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