The Company
Red Rocket is your "one-stop shop" for growth: we help B2C and B2B companies with their growth strategy, execution team and financing needs. We are particularly deep in the digital technology space, but have done work across industries. We have consulted or mentored over 500 companies, to date.  If you want to ignite your business with learnings and contacts of proven CEO’s and CMOs who have lived through the same challenges you are having, Red Rocket can help your business blast off!  Red Rocket Partner, George Deeb, was named to the Crains Tech 50  and Tribune Tech 100 in Chicago and is a featured contributor on entrepreneurship for many leading business sites, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, WSJ, TNW and Alley Watch.

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Why Red Rocket?
  1. Growth Experts:  learn from seasoned executives that have already raised millions of dollars in venture capital and realized successful exits for their investors.

  2. Actionable Strategies:  come out with a credible business plan and actionable insights on how best to build, grow, market and operate your specific business.

  3. On-Call Executives:  our shared or interim executives can help you turn strategies into reality--building and managing your sales & marketing teams, budgets and processes.

  4. Access to Capital:  leverage our deep Rolodex of venture capital relationships or our ability to make direct investments via Red Rocket or the FireStarter Fund. 

  5. Solid References:  don't take our word on it, we are happy to connect you with the numerous businesses our partners have successfully advised over the years.

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Our Blog
To date, the Red Rocket Blog has had over 500,000 reads of our 101 Startup Lessons--An Entrepreneur's Handbook.  Feel free to continue to read these actionable "how-to" lessons online, or you can nodownload the entire free eBook at your favorite eBookstore.  Be sure to check back weekly, for our newest lessons.

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1.  Growth Strategy

You can't build a great business without a great business plan.  Have you clearly assessed your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and defined clearly actionable goals and objectives therefrom?  Will your revenue model and financial returns attract investors?  Is there a better path for growth than the one you are currently on?  We will make sure your business plan is well-poised for success.

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2.  Growth Team

Executing against your business plan, is just as important as the plan itself.  So, make sure you have the most experienced people helping you build your business.  Let our proven interim and shared executives help you with building and managing your sales & marketing teams, budgets and processes, to make sure your plan actually becomes a reality.

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3.  Growth Capital

What good is a growth plan unless you have the capital resources to help you fund your plan.  Red Rocket is well connected within the venture capital and private equity community, and can help make introductions to potential investors.  We also make direct investments via Red Rocket or the FireStarter Fund.

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Red Rocket is a featured contributor on entrepreneurship for many trusted business sites:


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