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Trusted advice by battle-tested digital executives that have been there and done that. Red Rocket helps companies fuel their vision, manage/fund their business and accelerate their success.
The Company
Fueling Your Vision and Accelerating Your Success
Red Rocket is a Chicago-based strategic consulting, financial advisory and shared executive firm with expertise in the startup, digital and venture space.  Red Rocket has consulted or mentored over 500 companies, to date.  If you want to ignite your business with learnings and contacts of proven CEO’s and VC's who have lived through the same challenges you are having, Red Rocket can help your business blast off!  George Deeb was named to the Crains Tech 50 in Chicago and is a featured blogger on entrepreneurship for many leading business sites:
"101 Startup Lessons" Now a Free eBook
To date, the Red Rocket Blog has had over 150,000 reads of our 101 Startup Lessons--An Entrepreneurs's Handbook.  Feel free to continue to read these actionable "how-to" lessons online, or you can now download the entire free eBook at your favorite eBookstore.  Be sure to check back weekly, for our newest lessons.
Ensemble "Digital Services Suite" Saves You 20-40%
Red Rocket is a founding member of Ensemble, a collection of award-winning digital services companies who have bundled together a one-stop "digital services suite" for entrepreneurs at 20-40% savings.  Ensemble offers a multi-month "startup excubator" for "Do It For Me" entrepreneurs desiring to outsource services, and a one-day "Presto" program for "Do It Yourself" entrepreneurs desiring an expert team to "sanity check" in their in-house plans and efforts.  Click the logo above to learn more about this digital dream team.
20%-Time Shared Executives For $5K Per Month
Most startups cannot afford a full-time, experienced C-Level executive.  But, they need that experienced brain and guidance within their management team.  No worries!!  Red Rocket has a pool of seasoned executives who divide their time across multiple startups, making their one-day a week affordable for you.  Learn more on Our Services page.
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Why Red Rocket?
  1. Expert Team:  learn from and engage seasoned executives that have already raised millions of dollars in venture capital and realized successful exits for their investors.

  2. Actionable Advice:  come out with a credible business plan and actionable insights on how best to build, grow, market and operate your business.

  3. Shared Executives:  engage one of Red Rocket's team members as an outsourced and shared part-time executive within your management team, at a 20%-time budget you can afford.

  4. Access to Capital:  leverage our deep Rolodex of venture capital relationships or our ability to make direct investments via Red Rocket or the FireStarter Fund. 

  5. Ensemble Alliance:  award-winning resources for technology development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, public relations and other high ROI marketing tactics.

  6. Solid References:  don't take our word on it, we are happy to connect you with the numerous businesses our partners have successfully advised over the years.

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