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Our Services

Red Rocket is your "one-stop shop" for growth: we help B2C and B2B companies with their growth strategy, execution team and financing needs. We are particularly deep in the digital technology space, but can easily assist in other industries, as well.  We are proven on-call CEOs and CMOs that know how to take your business to new heights.   Below is a summary of our services.

Growth Consulting​

Let our team of proven strategic growth consultants help you crystallize your vision, business plans, sales & marketing plans, business development, corporate development, product development, mergers & acquisitions planning, turnaround, financial budgeting or other strategic needs.  We can help you as project-based management consultants, or longer-term additions to your strategy team. These services can be provided either on a hourly rate basis (pay as you go), or a fixed fee basis, depending on the scope, timeline and budget for this work.  

Executive Coaching & Business Coaches​

Executive coaching services are designed to be your on-call business mentor for any business questions, challenges or crises you are dealing with throughout the course of the year.  Business coaching services are designed to help facilitate and lead a dialog and planning process between the team members during your planning periods, to help identify company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and help manage the company against clearly identified goals and objectives coming therefrom.  Learn more

Shared, Part-Time & Interim Executives​

Whether you need an interim full-time executive or a shared part-time executive, leverage our network of proven executives to fill any of your C-level needs (e.g., CEO, CMO).  Our "on call" interim executives are ready to jump into any immediate roles you need filled.  And, our shared executives are designed for companies on a tight budget who desire part-time costs, but long-term expertise and involvement of a proven executive that can help direct/manage the company on a part-time basis. As an example, you can get an outsourced "20%-time" executive for the affordable cost of around $5,000 per month (depending on the role). This model works best for companies with light workloads in those areas, or needing a person to cost-effectively manage/mentor the junior-level execution team members on staff.  Learn more.

Corporate Innovation & Ventures​

Looking to infuse entrepreneurial vision and spirit into your large organization?  Need someone to manage your in-house innovation or startup incubator efforts?  Thinking about launching a corporate venture capital fund, but need the expertise in screening and managing startup investments?  Need talent to help turn-around your business?  Then you are in the right place!  The same skillsets required for successful startup launches and early-stage investing, equally apply to bigger companies looking to expand their innovation and venture efforts.  We have done work for companies big and small.

Fund Raising & M&A Advisory

Depending on the size of funds needed, Red Rocket can serve as either a financial advisor, helping to make introductions to the key venture capitalists and angel investors who invest in the digital space, or we can act as a direct investor, via Red Rocket or our partner fund, the FireStarter Fund.  Red Rocket focuses its capital raising and investing efforts in the digital/tech space (B2C or B2C), where we can bring deep experience to the table.  Although for larger companies, we can also help with consumer products, retail, restaurant and other high growth or high cash flow businesses.  We can help with all revenue stages from early stage startups thru established businesses. In addition, as former investment bankers at big bracket firms, we can also assist with all of your M&A advisory needs, on either buy side or sell side transactions.

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